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HB or not HB; that is the question.

Well, to be pedantic, we don't really use pencils for much. We use industry leading software and resources to provide you with a quality product.

Whether you need a quick and simple 'shop done, raster to vector (or vice versa), or full scale branding plus print ready designs, we can help.

From business branding to printed or digital marketing, modernising and vectorising an existing logo, to designing large print banners for events.
We can provide you with a vast array of graphic design options to suit your specific project and requirements, such as business stationery ready for print, creating logos and logotypes, and making images print or web ready - or both if needed.
We also design for bands and musicians - creating logos, album covers, event flyers, down to designing tickets and sourcing printing.

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Previous design and branding examples


UNDRGRND. Music Network holding image

When UNDRGRND. came to us we didn't know what to do or where to start. So we started with the basics - trains. Underground? Undrgrnd? Underground music scene? Cool..
By using an image of a train, we were able to create branding in Illustrator, and then in Photoshop use these images to create holding and advertising images. See more at Behance


'Oceans are Endless' Band Logo

This was a nice, simple one. Literally. Hard Rock/Metal band with a minimalist logo using typography and logotype as the art. Simple, modern, timeless, and a very happy customer.

Design & Branding

eTalent team logo

Created for a team of elearning designers to really put their stamp on their work. They're proud of their products, so we created a logo they could be easily identified by, including the use of company colours. By separaing the logo image from the text, we were able to branch out a bit more and include animation and separate designs around this.

Design & Branding

'Sleep In Solitude' CD Artwork and Mockup

With Sleep In Solitude, we were given free reign. All we had to go on was "We're a progressive metal band, and we're similar to bands X, Y, and Z". So, after listening to a few of their songs and their influences, we came up with the design and branding you see here. Oh, and the mockup was thrown in free as part of their band package. Nice.

Design & Branding

'Sleep In Solitude' CD Cover and Branding

Just a close up view of the CD artwork above plus the band logo. By using logotype and typography to create the custom logo, it definitely gave the band a logo that made them stand out against others on posters. The image itself was created using a varity of royalty-free images and a lot of photoshopping. But it was worth it. We were all pleased with the outcome.

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