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Professional grade audio without the top end cost

Most studios charge a lot of money because you pay for the equipment, service charges, multiple staff and so on.
While there's nothing wrong with that, you may not have the money to pay for all this or simply don't want to.
By not renting our equipment and having to take out insurance or renting soundproof buildings, we can keep our costs low and pass these savings on. We can also bring our equipment to you if your project requires this, for example: cavalier mics and room mics for live video, vocal microphones, or recording ambient noise.
Check out just some of the audio services we can provide:
  • Voice recording (supplied or your own)
  • Live video audio
  • Audio isolation or removal
  • Mastering of multiple audio tracks
  • Jingle production
  • Sourcing background music

To start, we will need your project requirements.
Get in touch and let us know!

Here's a few of the tools we use

Apple computers

Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, Reaper, VDJ, Adobe Audition to name a few of the software we use on beefed up Apple Macs

Studio grade microphones

Plural. SE X1 standard, plus Shure microphones, Samson, Røde, and Korg.

Vocal isolation

Using top end foam and sound cancelling headphones, our equipment ensures that no noise leaks through to the final bounce.


MIDI keyboards, Maschine Mikro and MK2, Peavy mixer, M-Audio 8R rack, Focusrite, and a pre-amp for quieter inputs.

Cloud storage

We store your outputs on our secure cloud storage so they're always available for you to download.

Audio formats

MP3, WAV, AAIF, MP4, whatever you need your audio format in. We'll do it.